How To Decorate A Studio Apartment With DIY Studio Flooring

David Kim

Studio apartments can be a challenge to decorate. With so little space, making the most of every inch is essential. One great way to do this is by installing DIY studio flooring. Not only will this add some much-needed functionality and style to your space, but you may be more inclined to keep your small space neat and organized. This article discusses how to decorate your studio apartment with the best flooring for this type of space – DIY studio flooring!


DIY flooring is a great way to update your home or business and add value to the space. It involves laying out tiles on a wall or floor to create a unique and attractive design. DIY tiling can also provide an opportunity to explore many different materials, textures, and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your home.

Here are some benefits of choosing DIY tiling for your studio apartment:

1) Cost-savings

Using peel-and-stick tiles is a great way to save costs. They’re much easier and less expensive than traditional tile installations, as you can easily install them without needing professional help. They don’t require grout or mortar, which also cuts labor costs.

Since these tiles are repositionable, you can quickly and easily move them around as needed without tearing down and replacing any parts. This also eliminates the need for costly repairs or maintenance – making Cling Tiles an excellent option for budget-conscious homeowners and renters alike.

2) Durability

The best peel-and-stick tiles are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Cling Tiles are made of 100% virgin vinyl with foam underlayment that won’t rip or tear, even when subjected to heavy foot traffic. This type of flooring is the best choice for renters with pets, as it has high resistance to wear and tear.

3) Easy To Install

These DIY tiles are straightforward to install and can be done without any tools. Peel off the adhesive backing and press the tile onto a clean, dry surface. The tiles will stick firmly in place, so there’s no need for grouting or other special installation techniques.

4) Versatility

Cling Tiles come in various styles, including a wide selection of hardwood flooring, so you can easily find something that fits your style. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile – they can be used on walls, floors, countertops, and even furniture. This makes them an excellent option for sprucing up any room in your home without breaking the bank. Plus, if you choose a hardwood flooring option, you can have the look and versatility of a classic wood floor without the hardwood care requirements!


When choosing and decorating with peel and stick tile products, there are a few things to consider.

1) Choose the Color or Pattern Based on Your Style: The great thing about these tiles is that they come in many different designs and colors, making it easy to find a pattern that fits your style. Whether you’re looking for a more classic look or something modern and trendy, there’s a peel and stick tile for you.

2) Consider the Room You’re Decorating: Before choosing your tiles, consider which room you’re decorating and the look that best suits it. For example, if you prefer a different tile in your bedroom than in the rest of your studio, something light and airy is likely to fit better than a bold pattern.

3) Think About Color: Color can play a significant role in the overall look of your studio apartment. Choose bold and vibrant colors if you want something to brighten up a room. For something more subtle and calming, opt for softer hues.

4) Stick to Basics: While we love having different patterns in our homes, too many can be overwhelming. To avoid going overboard with your tiles, stick to a few basic designs and colors that will work nicely together.

5) Get Creative: Try out different designs and shapes to create a unique look you can be proud of. For example, you can mix and match different colors and sizes to create an entirely different pattern.


Whether you opt for the look of a classic hardwood floor, laminate flooring, or vinyl, you may wish to add an area rug. Not only can an area rug tie the room together, but it can also help define and distinguish one area from another in a small studio apartment.

hardwood flooring option with a warm undertone looks particularly elegant with a yellow, orange, or red patterned rug on a studio floor. In contrast, a cool concrete plank looks stunning with a blue and white area rug paired with it.

Whether you choose hardwood floors or a cool, concrete look for your DIY studio floor, it’s hard to go wrong with a fantastic rug, some potted plants, and a few pieces of your favorite artwork.


Browse Cling Tiles’ online store to buy your home’s best luxury vinyl tile flooring. Our DIY  flooring products offer the perfect blend of style and function, making them suitable for any room in your house. Whether looking for a modern or classic style, Cling Tiles has the perfect LVT flooring for your studio apartment.

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