3 Tips for Choosing Basement Floor Tiles That Are Easy To Maintain

David Kim

Are you looking for a stylish alternative to basement carpeting that won’t break the bank? Consider peel-and-stick basement floor tiles! When choosing basement floor tiles, it’s essential to know how to choose suitable tiles for the space. Many options are available, and deciding which type is right for your home can be challenging. Here are some of the best tips for choosing basement floor tiles that are easy to maintain.


Examining the quality of the products you’re considering purchasing as you shop for different basement floor tiles is essential. Not all floor tiles are created equal; some will last significantly longer than others.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for basement floor tile is the material’s porosity. Impervious and vitreous floor tiles are ideal for basements because they can withstand the moisture from the underlying porous concrete, provided the concrete basement floor is sealed.

An excellent example of quality basement floor tile is Cling Tiles. Cling Tiles luxury vinyl tile adheres strongly to flooring types like sealed concrete floors and suspended wood with powerful micro-suction technology while still being extremely easy to remove.

Cling Tiles are highly resistant to scratches and wear and are entirely built to last. They’re an excellent choice for a brand-new basement floor that will be easy to maintain.


Aside from the actual quality of the tiles, another critical factor to consider when shopping for basement floor tiles is what kind of care is required.

Unfortunately, some types of basement floor tiles have highly specific care requirements. In the long run, keeping up with maintaining the tile can quickly feel like more effort than it’s worth.

The best types of basement floor tiles are those that you can use convenient tools to clean. Cling Tiles are a great example of easy-to-clean basement floor tiles since it only takes a neutral pH cleanser and a clean mop to achieve a beautiful and clean shine.

While you might need to keep up with periodic deep cleaning with any basement floor tile, a quick regular cleaning saves you a lot of time in the long run. Cling Tiles offers a thorough guide on keeping your new basement flooring looking incredible.


Finally, it’s essential to consider what level of installation is required when choosing basement floor tiles. Most basement floor tiles require a similar process: preparing the subfloor, measuring and planning the room, and applying the tiles.

Some types of tiles require more effort to install, however. In particular, you may find that low-quality tiles are difficult to install due to their poor quality adhesives and materials. While you will need to make precise measurements with Cling Tiles, using this high-quality product will simplify many aspects of the installation process.

Also, it’s essential to make sure that your basement floor tiles are easy to uninstall. Even the highest quality tiles degrade over time, so you’ll thank yourself later if you select a style of basement floor tile that’s easy to remove and replace.

Most conventional tiles are difficult to uninstall since they typically rely on tough adhesives to last long periods. Cling Tiles are an excellent option for easy maintenance since they rely on micro-suction technology to stick and can easily be peeled away at any time. As a result, this basement flooring option won’t damage your subfloor upon removal.


Laminate flooring has always been an effective and budget-friendly way to renovate your home, but the adhesive materials can make it difficult (and sometimes destructive) to remove. Cling Tiles are an alternative type of sheet flooring that uses powerful micro-suction technology to simplify application (and removal).

Cling Tiles can be applied on various non-porous smooth surfaces, including ceramic tile flooring, sealed concrete basement floor, and sheet vinyl flooring. While some preparation is necessary to guarantee the best installation experience, Cling Tiles offer a straightforward and stylish solution to installing new flooring.

There are a few types of Cling Tiles you can choose from. Both are excellent options for your new basement floor. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Interlocking tiles are popular for temporary flooring as they can be easily put together and provide an even, uniform look. They come in various colors and textures, providing you with plenty of design options to choose from.
  • Vinyl planks are ideal for larger spaces that require more coverage. They can be installed as wall tile or on the ceiling to create a unique look. A vinyl plank can be easily cleaned and maintained over time.


Once you have chosen the right floor tiles for your basement, you must maintain them properly to ensure they stay in good condition. Here are some tips on how to maintain your basement floor tiles:

  • Spot clean your Cling Tiles when you notice spills or messes to reduce the likelihood of staining. Use a wet cloth with a neutral pH cleanser and gently wipe the mess away.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance. Sweep and remove dust from your new Cling Tiles regularly, and use a gentle mop with a neutral pH cleanser to lift the remaining grime.
  • Never use harsh cleansers or aggressive scrub brushes on your new Cling Tiles. These cleaning products can damage the surface and Cling Tile’s appearance.
  • If you need to use harsh cleansers for a stubborn mess, spot-test the new cleaner on a discrete corner of the tile to ensure that it won’t harm the appearance of your new basement flooring.


By maintaining your basement floor tiles properly, you can help keep them looking great for years and reduce the need for expensive repairs in the future. With a little effort, you can enjoy beautiful flooring that will last many years.

Browse Cling Tiles’ website for the best luxury flooring in the area. Let us help you create a stunning basement floor that is perfect for your home. We offer durable, long-lasting tiles that are easy to install and maintain. Contact us today for more information!

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