The Top 8 Benefits of Waterproof Bathroom Flooring

David Kim

Bathrooms are subject to high humidity, wetness, and temperature changes – not to mention accidental splashes! So, it’s only logical that waterproof flooring is the best choice for your bathroom floor. Waterproof bathroom flooring has several benefits that make it suitable for this space. Read on to understand what waterproof flooring and its benefits are.


Waterproof flooring is specially designed to resist the penetration of water and other liquids. This flooring is particularly beneficial for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms with typically high moisture levels. Waterproof flooring comes in various materials, such as tile, vinyl, laminate, and engineered hardwood.


There are numerous benefits to installing waterproof flooring in your home. Here are just a few:

1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Waterproof bathroom floors are a great choice because they’re easy to clean and maintain. Most waterproof floors can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth, mop, or vacuum. This makes it much easier to keep your bathroom looking presentable without any extra effort from you.

Some tips for cleaning your waterproof flooring include using a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and avoiding abrasive scrubbing that could scratch the surface.

You should ensure not to use wax-based detergents or products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as this could damage the floor.

2. Durability

Waterproof floors are incredibly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in a bathroom environment. This makes it perfect for families with children, pets, frequent visitors, or high-traffic areas!

Thanks to their waterproof layer, these floors are resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, and other damage that can occur due to heavy usage or even accidental spills. This type of flooring is designed to last for many years without showing any signs of wear or tear, which makes it perfect for long-term use in all bathrooms.

3. Slip Resistance

One of the main advantages of waterproof flooring is its slip resistance. Wet surfaces are inherently slippery and dangerous, especially in bathrooms where we walk around barefoot or in socks. Waterproof flooring offers a much better grip than other types of flooring, reducing the chances of slipping or falling even when wet.

This makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms and wet and humid areas like pools, showers, and spas.

4. Weather Protection

Bathrooms are often humid and damp, making it difficult for regular floors to stay unscathed. Water seeping through the bathroom floor can cause mold growth and damage other parts of your home.

Waterproof flooring is designed to withstand these conditions and provide maximum protection against weather-related issues. The waterproof material used in flooring also repels water, which helps to keep it dry for a more extended period.

5. Hypoallergenic

Waterproof bathroom floorings like vinyl peel-and-stick tiles, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and tile flooring offer hypoallergenic benefits.

This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or other sensitivities to certain materials. Unlike carpets, these floors are easy to clean and don’t trap dust particles as carpets do.

Plus, the finishes on them can further prevent dust and debris from getting trapped in the flooring’s surface. This means that your bathroom will be free of allergens and irritants, making it a much more pleasant place to spend time.

6. Stylish Appearance

Waterproof floors come in various materials and styles, making them suitable for almost any décor. Some of the unique designs and colors that Cling Tiles offers include:

  • White Mocha: White mocha waterproof flooring is a medium-dark wood plank with beautiful warm, reddish undertones. It transforms the look of any bathroom, especially when paired with light fixtures and decorations with similar colors.
  • Sand Dune: This medium-light natural wood plank contains warm yellow undertones with a faux wood look and feel.
  • Black Sesame Gray: This luxury gradient effect medium gray wood plank contains cool blue undertones and a smooth texture. If you enjoy the look of the shiplap aesthetic, then this is the perfect floor covering for you!

Whatever style you choose, waterproof floors can provide a stylish touch to your bathroom while protecting it from water damage. They are an excellent option for anyone looking to update their home’s interior design.

7. Comfort Underfoot

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used areas in a home, and comfort is vital. Waterproof flooring provides an excellent feel underfoot with cushion-like properties that make standing for long periods more comfortable.

Waterproof vinyl flooring features rigid core technology that makes it much more flexible than traditional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or sheet vinyl products, giving it a softer feel and greater comfort underfoot. The cushioned core of your vinyl floor helps reduce impact noise from footsteps or dropped objects, making it ideal for bathrooms.

8. Easy DIY Installation

One of the best features of Cling Tile waterproof flooring is that it is extremely easy to install. This flooring option can be installed over existing surfaces, meaning you can easily lay the bathroom floor and save on labor costs. With its simple installation process, waterproof flooring is ideal for those who want a DIY bathroom remodel.


It couldn’t be easier to install waterproof bathroom tiles with Cling. Let’s take a look at how you can install waterproof flooring in minutes with our easy, peel-and-stick bathroom tiles:

Step 1: Make sure your existing floor and/or wall is free of dust and debris by mopping and sweeping, letting the area completely dry.

Step 2: Measure your space and cut to the size you require using a utility knife or commercial-grade scissors – either will work just fine!

Step 3: Easily bend and snap your tile to size along the cut line.

Step 4: Remove the protective paper from the backs of your tiles and place it down in your desired areas.

Need to remove your tiles for any reason? Simply pry up the corner with a putty knife or a butter knife, and then pull your tile free.


At Cling Tiles, we have the best bathroom flooring options to suit your modern or classic home decor style. Our waterproof flooring is the perfect solution for high-moisture areas in your home, like the bathroom, and offers many benefits. Shop our products to transform your bathroom in a matter of minutes, completely damage-free!

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