About Clingtiles

Do you love everything about your home except the builder-grade flooring in your kitchen? Or do the oddly colored tiles in your bathroom scream 1960s and not in a good way??

We get it…flooring is a lot of work. You have to move out all your furniture, hire a professional to demo the old floors, install the new ones and then wait a day or two until you can use that room again.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “I don’t have the time to put my life on hold for a flooring renovation. Why isn’t there an easier solution to cover up my ugly floors?”


We help homeowners and renters bring their dream homes to life starting with their floors.

We know flooring seems like an intimidating DIY project but we have faith you can do it. You’ll no longer need to hire a professional and you’ll be a step closer to getting the home you’ve always wanted.



Growing up, CEO and Founder, David J Kim looked up to those who disrupted their industry like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. “They brought what they envisioned to life” and I wanted to do the same.

In 2005, David followed in his father’s footsteps and started working in the flooring industry. He witnessed how the traditional methods of installing floors were physically demanding and completely outdated. David decided it was time to change that and created a patented micro-suction technology that allows luxury vinyl flooring to stick to the subfloor without the need for additional adhesive, tape, or click systems. His patented backing was first shown to the commercial market in 2017 and has been used in hospitals, multi-family housing units, and universities ever since.

Cling was born with David’s belief that DIY home projects were on the rise due to 2020’s work-from-home wave and wanted to provide homeowners and renters with the tools and resources to turn any room into their dream home.

Still not sure if Cling will work for your home?

Try it out for yourself. We offer sample sizes and single planks to see how:

The colors will look against your walls, furniture and in different lights

Easy it is to cut with just a sharp utility knife and straight edge

Our planks stick to your existing floors

Together, you’ll achieve the home you thought was only possible on Instagram.


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