Flooring you can install yourself


Update your floors in hours, not days with Cling’s peel and stick tiles

If luxury vinyl tile and peel and stick tile got together, Cling would be their baby. Cling uses a patented micro suction technology that allows the planks to stick to floors and walls without the use of additional glue or tape.

With Cling tiles, you’ll:

  • Transform your room to feel more like you 
  • Spark your creative side with a new DIY home improvement project
  • Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating the home of your dreams


The easiest and most hassle free approach to quickly upgrading your floors. Perfect for renters too!


Cling also works on your walls. Unleash your inner interior designer by adding an accent wall or creating a faux shiplap look room.


Need a few basic tools to help you install Cling? Or some finishing touches to add to your walls? We got you covered.

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Hi! We're Cling.

Our mission is to help you bring your dream home to life starting with your floors. An inventor at heart, our founder and CEO, David J Kim, set out to solve the outdated ways of installing flooring. His imagination and determination is what led to the creation of Cling.

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